There is a lot to discover if you enter fashion land. If you search for the cradle of the colourful universe and try to understand it you can walk million ways.

My journey started long ago when I saw an amazing black Haute Couture wedding dress of Christian Lacroix in TV. I asked myself how someone could ever create something beautiful like this and I wanted to know how it’s done. So I went to a technical fashion school to experience every single piece of clothing and all their secret components.

But the knowledge about all the separate parts of wardrobe automatically raised the question of how I can bring them together. So I learned how to sew and became a bespoke tailor.

Time to go on and make my first steps in business. And discover a new world: the textiles themselves as another
important element of the way to fashion-truth. So I became a creative textile buyer. I could look, feel, touch, and buy luxurious fabrics on fairs in Paris, Florence and Munich.

Of course I was working at that time very closely with the design-department and I saw attentively how they developed their ideas about their fashion-world. So it seemed not to be a big deal to change in their department and becoming a design-assistant.

Finally I felt approaching the center of fashion, where it all begins: the idea, the trends, the right colours, the models. So I decided to deepen this experience and visited German Masterschool of Fashion Munich and became a modelmaker focussed on design.

But the school also captured my interest in another galaxy of fashion cosmos. The glamourous world of magazines. Describing the wardrobe, writing about trends and styling fashion, stills and covers brought all the body of acquired knowledge together. I joined few magazines as a permanent fashion and accessories editor.

After almost ten years I started freelance business and I’m still curious about the future.

Stops amongst others at: L’Officiel Hommes Germany, FHM, FHM Collections, Rena Lange, Laurèl

To be continued…